Who are we?

We connect you with the brands and the people that you want to be connected with. A curated series of invite-only, public experiences, and content for the Menswear Community in Nashville and beyond planned with you in mind. The Nashville Menswear Brunch, cocktail hours, and other stylish gatherings designed to create a common.. wealth.

Where does the name come from? The name is defined as a group of individuals that are united by a mutual interest. We also believe that the coming together of this community is creating a wealth amongst us all. Hence the name, The Commonwealth.

Drop us a line and we'll see you at the next gathering.


Coming together with others of like mind and similar interest is needed. We were created to commune with each other.


The next step in this process and where some of the work begins. Making meaningful connections with admirable people and brands, or building on already existing ones.


Where the rubber meets the road and where true growth takes place. We are truly better together and no one can reach the top alone.